31st October 2019

Dear Valued Customer

Regretfully we have taken the decision to close the business of T M Simpson. We thought closing Ceres and concentrating on Hillend would be a more manageable situation for us which has not proven to be the case. This once again has been extremely difficult but we feel the structure and drive within the business is no longer there making it impossible to continue long term without making major changes. Since its concept, rightly or wrongly, it has been run solely as a family business, changing the dynamics therein would then change everything we as a family have strived for over the years.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal custom both at Ceres and Hillend, which has always been very much appreciated. Of course the service we offered could not have happened without the support of the team behind us, especially the service department, Harry who transferred from Ceres along with Jim and Rab, both of whom have been with us since leaving school. They became an integral part of our business and an extension of our own family, working alongside them for this period of time makes this whole process and the decisions within even more difficult.

It is with much sadness that we close the business, however we carry with us many happy memories from over 70 years in business. We wish you all the very best in the future and hope these difficult and changing times become easier for all.

We are yours sincerely

Catherine Simpson and Family
T/A T M Simpson

NB: We still have a selection of Amazone, Deutz, Krone & John Deere parts available. Should you be interested in purchasing these or are looking for something specific please call or e-mail Richard Finnie on 07970004318 or rjfinnie1@hotmail.com.